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Everybody is talking about the Metaverse. But what is behind all the hype and the buzz? In this Meetup we want to separate the real from the myth and shed some light on the real-life applications of today as well as look at the future potential and the challenges.
Our guests are:

Torsten Fell
With over 20 years of experience, Torsten is a seasoned expert in the field of corporate learning, digital transformation, and immersive experience. He accompanies companies as a driving force in change and reorientation. In the last 20 years, he has held managerial responsibility in the field of business transformation, corporate learning, and innovation in a wide variety of companies and industries.

Thomas Riedel
He is the host of the german Metaverse podcast

Thomas Riedel is a freelance tech journalist and podcaster based in Cologne. His previous positions include Deutsche-startups.de and digital people. He is currently the host of the Gründerzeit podcast of the Rheinische Post. Riedel came to the subject of the Metaverse through Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote at Connect 21. Since then he has been producing Germany’s largest Metaverse podcast, is a frequently invited podcast guest on the subject of the Metaverse, and speaks regularly at meetups and conferences. He is particularly distinguished by his independent and critical view of the metaverse, in which he explains current developments and places them in a social context.

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