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XR enables us not only to travel to new spaces – but also times! How amazing would it be if you could revive the ancient story of a city like Munich? What if you could learn about historic events with all their excitement and drama like the Olympic games in 1972?

Our experts will share their work of making time travel an extended reality! Find out what challenges are to be tackled in research, storytelling, and production. We will showcase different approaches from 360 videos to VR productions up to the social VR metaverse.

Our guests of the day are:

Lisa Schulz is co-founder and chief product officer of TimeRide
Leading a team of developers and historical specialists, she brings long forgotten times back to life. Guests will be sent back in time using modern technology – especially Virtual Reality.
Timeride has attractions in Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Dresden, and Munich – each location having a unique approach to the historical background of the region. Find out more at https://timeride.de/muenchen/

Maria Courtial is Co-Founder, CEO, and Producer at Faber Courtial – studio for digital worlds – a leading specialist in creating detail-rich and impressively authentic worlds that provide insights in earth’s history or the moon landing: Into Space.
Maria will share insights into her experience in creating the most diverse own and custom-made VR builds, such as immersive movies and 6 DOF experiences, even for mobile devices, in collaboration with leading museums and broadcasters.

Matthias Leitner is a digital storyteller, ux designer and digital strategist. He has received numerous awards for his journalistic and artistic work in the field of XR and beyond. Check out his website: www.matthias-leitner.de
His current project is called “Munich 72“. A walk-through documentary in Social VR that traces what happened 50 years ago at the 1972 Olympic Games. The games were supposed to be cheerful. But on the 11th day, Palestinian terrorists take members of the Israeli team hostage.
More about the project: www.br.de/munich72

Join us on Zoom on the 28th of July., 19:00 MEZ

And to try something new: Right after the Zoom session, we’ll hang out in the METAVERSE (aka VR Chat). So we’re visiting the conference room of Munich 72 and having a follow-up discussion there. To set up everything, follow these steps:


  • 19:00 Maria Courtial, Faber Courtial
  • 19:30 Lisa Schulz, Timeride
  • 20:00 Matthias Leitner, Muenchen72
  • 20:30 Go to VRchat and the Munich 72 Room
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