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Extended Reality as a Booster: Opportunities and Challenges for Immersive Technologies in the Healthcare Sector

The potential for the application of extended reality (XR) technologies in healthcare is great and is currently being driven by a wave of technological innovations and the Corona pandemic as an additional catalyst. The solutions will benefit not only the scientific and professional groups directly involved in health care, but also patients, their relatives, medical organisations and, last but not least – resulting from the demographic situation, among other things – society as a whole.

In Germany, XR applications are still in their infancy compared to the international competition (especially the USA and Asia). On the one hand, it is therefore important to consistently raise awareness of existing and future opportunities (extended reality technologies as a key element of digitalisation in the healthcare sector) in order to secure Germany’s future viability. On the other hand, there are fundamental questions that need to be answered in terms of a European approach to digitalisation in the health sector. These include dealing with ethical principles, data protection and security as well as an evidence-based consideration of XR technologies in a psychological or medical context.

In this Meetup we’ll give a short overview about the current status of XR in healthcare, present examples how XR could accelerate the development of “Assisted Services” in hospitals (2nd and 3rd tier processes) as well as VR based training and therapy examples. And of course we’ll discuss XR in healthcare from different perspectives and give insights in the sector.


Dr. Lars Riedemann, MD is a Physician-Technologist at the University Hospital Heidelberg and Founder of ShiftMedical Conference

Anton Ebert, Senior Technology Manager and XR Responsible at Siemens Healthineers

Rene Zölfl, Business Development Director PTC

Andre Fangueiro, Head of Design Tietoevry and former Senior Design Manager Leardal Medical

and more to come… including the audience


Petra Dahm, Board Member XRB e.V. (Cluster Medical) and CIO StellDirVor GmbH

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